About Us

Ustawi Media is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Nairobi, Kenya focusing on helping businesses optimize the immense power of the internet and close the gap between what consumers demand and expect digitally from a business.

Our Mission

Everything begins with an idea, from branding to content creation, to marketing. We want to make your ideas come to life.


That Makes You Start Believing In Success


That Makes You Stop Looking Elsewhere

Our Story

Ustawi Media is a blush of many colours from around the world with talents and diverse portfolios all coming together as a strong team of contenders. We work together in unison to help your business soar up in the vast sky of search results.

Our Team

Our team consists of astute management experts, creative web designers, insightful digital strategists and multitalented multimedia specialists. With USTAWI MEDIA as your digital partner, your business blooms and booms higher and higher!

Creative Solutions

Social Media landscapes change dramatically everyday. However, as a marketer, it's important to identify myth from reality in order to create an effective social media strategy